Commonwealth Cup Weekend #2

February 25, 2023 - February 26, 2023

Over the past decade, Commonwealth Cup has become an important early season event for many college women’s teams, growing in both size and competitiveness each year. In order to better serve the wide range of teams that attend Commonwealth Cup, we split the tournament into two weekends in 2020. This allows us to accommodate more teams and to ensure as much at-level play as possible. Last year, we added a Men’s Division to Weekend 1 as an option for programs that prefer to travel together.


Weekend #2

  • Women’s Division 
  • D-I Nationals Qualifiers and top D-I Regionals finishers 

Participating Teams

Women’s Division

Tier 1
1. University of Virginia
2. University of Pittsburgh
3. Penn State University
4. University of Michigan
5. Northeastern University
6. Yale University 
7. Columbia University 
8. Binghamton University
9. University of Georgia 

Tier 2
1. University of Pennsylvania
2. Brown University 
3. Temple University 
4. Ohio State University 
5. Notre Dame 
6. Case Western Reserve University
7. University of Maryland
8. Northwestern University 
9. University of Tennessee-Knoxville
10. University of South Carolina 
11. University of Florida 
12. MIT 
13. University of Massachusetts Amherst
14. University of Wisconsin 
15. Carnegie Mellon 
16. University of New Hampshire