Virginia is For Layouts

The 2014 Virginia is for Layouts tournament will be held on March 15th and 16th. 

Virginia is for Layouts was first organized and sponsored by Without Limits in conjunction with Smith College LunaDisc and ran on Saturday the 17th & the 18th in March 2012.

The tournament was part-competition, part-skills and strategy development. Some of the best D-III teams (schools with < 7500 students) in the country are competing in this event. Last year's Top 3 teams as well as numerous other D-III Nationals Qualifiers will be in attendance.

Some of the top players and coaches in the country came in to guest coach and mentor these teams-- these people have played on Team USA, won the College MVP award, been All-Region players, etc. Each of these players spent the entire weekend with a team and focused on helping that team take the next step in their development. Skills clinics and classroom sessions went on all weekend which provided a holistic way for teams and players to improve.

There were 16 college Division A teams and 12 college Division B teams that participated. A few of the colleges that are compete came as far away as Boston, MA, Hanover, NH, Columbia, SC, Northfield, MN, Grinnell, IA, Washington, D.C., and Atlanta, GA.

"The facilities at the Smith River Sports Complex are beautiful. The fields are Nationals-level quality and all of the amenities are top-notch. The staff is incredibly helpful and makes management of large events easy. Also, the location is very accessible for a number of East Coast teams," stated Michelle Ng, co-founder of Without Limits, when asked why Without Limits decided to return to SRSC and the area. "The community was so welcoming in the fall-- the players and organizers were overwhelmed by how supportive the community was and how great the facilities were.


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