Smith River 7 v 7 Summer Passing League

The Smith River Sports Complex is proud to host the Smith River 7 v 7 Summer Passing League as a fun, preparatory league for high school football preseason.

 The league consists of scrimmages across a six-week period between June and July from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.: June 10th, June 17th, June 24th, July 8th, July 15th and July 22nd.

Local and surrounding high schools will be playing each other on the turf. Teams participating during the 2014 season are: Bassett, Chatham, Franklin County, Hidden Valley, Magna Vista, Morehead, Patrick County, Reidsville, Staunton River and Tunstall. This league is fast-paced and is designed to prepare the participating teams for their fall seasons. 

The style of play is one-hand touch with a 25-second play clock and 4-second pass rule per play. Games will be played on a 40-yard field and on field turf. Offense has 4 downs to complete a 1st down with the 20-yard mark as the first down. Fumbles are dead balls and offense retains possession. There are no runs or double passes. Coaches will officiate. 

The seven offensive players consist of a center, quarterback, and 5 eligible wide receivers or running backs. Defense also plays with seven players. The scoring is as follows; a touchdown in 6 points, a 1st down is 2 points, a defensive is 2 points, and an interception is 3 points. Games will play under a 25-minute running clock. Players are required to wear helmets. 

The league is free to all spectators. Come out and watch your favorite teams as they prepare for their fall seasons! Concessions will be sold every week. 

 For more information on the event, call the Complex at (276) 638-5200. 


June 10th schedule:
6:00 p.m. - Magna Vista vs. Hidden Valley
6:00 p.m. - Bassett vs. Tunstall
6:40 p.m. - Magna Vista vs. Tunstall
6:40 p.m. - Bassett vs. Hidden Valley
7:20 p.m. - Magna Vista vs. Bassett
7:20 p.m. - Tunstall vs. Hidden Valley