Commonwealth Cup

2016 Dates: February 27 - 28, 2016

2016 Tournament Website 

This was a new event in 2013 put on by Without Limits. This is the third tournament in Without Limits' series at the Smith River Sports Complex. It was created in response to the demand for another February tournament in the Ultimate frisbee community. The hope of the organizers is to bring another accessible playing opportunity to teams on the East Coast and to raise money to offset the costs of some of our developmental opportunities such as Layouts.

Without Limits will host the 2014 Commonwealth Cup on February 15th and 16th at the Smith River Sports Complex (SRSC). The 2013 Commonwealth Cup brought a total of 16 Ultimate Frisbee teams from all over the east coast.

Virginia is for Layouts and Virginia Fusion are the other Ultimate Frisbee tournaments Without Limits runs in Martinsville-Henry County(M-HC). With this new addition, Without Limits now has held 3 events at SRSC.

"The community is always incredibly welcoming to the participants in our events. The staff at the Smith River Sports Complex and at the Comfort Inn Martinsville (our tournament hotel) are so professional and helpful," said Tournament Director Michelle Ng, when asked why they continue to return to the M-HC area. "The SRSC is also one of the best facilities I have ever run an event at. The fields are well-maintained and the facilities are immaculate!"


2016 Participating Teams

Tier 1
1. University of Virginia Hydra*
2. University of Pittsburgh Danger*
3. James Madison University Bitchmonkeys*
4. University of North Carolina-Wilmington Seaweed*
5. MIT sMITe*
6. University of Florida FUEL*
7. Penn State University Crisis*
8. University of Maryland Helpful Corn*
9. Princeton University Clockwork*
10. University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Pleiades*
11. University of Michigan Flywheel*

Tier 2
1. Wake Forest University Ruckus*
2. Elon University Wild Rumpus*
3. Virginia Commonwealth University Vendetta
4. University of Rochester EZs*
5. University of North Carolina-Asheville Hellbenders*
6. Liberty University Lady Flames*
7. University of Delaware Sideshow*
8. George Mason University Extinction
9. University of Virginia Hydra B*
10. College of William & Mary Mother Huckers*
11. Lehigh University Gravity*
12. Georgetown University Huckin' Foyas*
13. Oberlin College Preying Manti
14. Oberlin College Preying Manti B
15. University of North Carolina-Pleiades B*
16. University of Pennsylvania Venus*
17. University of Pennsylvania Venus B*

* indicates that bid check has been received and spot is confirmed