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March 3, 2018
Time: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Smith River Sports Complex ALL FIELDS
1000 Irisburg Rd
Axton, VA
Event Contact:
Houston Stutz
Phone: (276) 638-5200

The 2018 Bengal Bash Pre-season Soccer Jamboree takes place March 3, 2018 at the Smith River Sports Complex in Martinsville, Va. There will be JV & varsity games for both girls and boys with 20 teams participating from across southern Virginia.

Admission is $7 and gives you access to every game played on any field throughout the day.


Participating Teams: 

JV Boys: Bassett, Liberty Christian Academy, Magna Vista & Pulaski County

JV Girls: Bassett, Carroll County, Liberty Christian Academy & William Fleming

Varsity Boys: Appomattox County, Bassett, Giles, Liberty Christian Academy, Magna Vista & Pulaski County

Varsity Girls: Appomattox County, Bassett, Carroll County, Liberty Christian Academy, Magna Vista & William Fleming 


 2018 Bengal Bash Schedule:

Time         Field       Div.                Visitor                            Home

10:00 am        1           JVG            Bassett                           Carroll Co.

10:00 am        2           JVG            William Fleming              LCA

10:00 am        3           JVB             LCA                                Magna Vista

10:00 am        4           JVB             Bassett                           Pulaski Co.

10:00 am        5           VG              Bassett                        Appomattox Co.


10:45 am        1           JVG            William Fleming               Bassett

10:45 am        2           JVG            Carroll Co.                       LCA

10:45 am        3           JVB             LCA                                 Bassett

10:45 am        4           VG               William Fleming              Carroll Co.

10:45 am        5           VG               LCA                                 Magna Vista


11:35 am        1           JVB              Magna Vista                    Pulaski Co.

11:35 am        2           VG                Appomattox Co.              LCA

11:35 am        3           VB                LCA                                 Magna Vista

11:35 am        4           VB                Pulaski Co.                      Giles

11:35 am        5           VB                Appomattox Co.            Bassett           


1:00 pm          1           JVG             LCA                                 Bassett

1:00 pm          2           JVG             Carroll Co.                    William Fleming

1:00 pm          3           VG               Carroll Co.                       Magna Vista

1:00 pm          4           VG               William Fleming              Bassett

1:00 pm          5           VB                Appomattox Co.             LCA


1:50 pm          1           JVB              Magna Vista                   Bassett

1:50 pm          2           JVB              Pulaski Co.                     LCA

1:50 pm            3         VG               Magna Vista                 William Fleming

1:50 pm            4         VB               Magna Vista                    Pulaski Co.

1:50 pm            5         VB               Bassett                            Giles


2:40 pm            1         VG               Carroll Co.                   Appomattox Co.

2:40 pm            2         VB                Pulaski Co.                 Appomattox Co.

2:40 pm            3         VB                Giles                               Magna Vista

2:40 pm            4         VG                LCA                                Bassett

2:40 pm            5         VB                 LCA                               Bassett



Format & Rules

1. Each team will play 3 matches during the Bengal Bash Soccer Jamboree.
2. Each Junior Varsity match will last for 30 minutes, and each Varsity match will last for 40 minutes.
3. There will be NO half-time or break during the match; the 30 or 40 minutes will be played continuous without intentional interruption.
4. Due to time constraints, the schedule is set on a 45-50 minute rotation. There will be NO warm-up time on the pitch prior to the match, with the exception of the opening matches. Teams playing the opening matches (10:00 am) will be allowed to take the pitch 30 minutes prior to the match (9:30 am).
5. The team deemed the home team according to the schedule should wear white and provide a ball or two to be used as gameballs for that specific match. The team deemed the visiting team according to the schedule should wear a dark colored jersey for the match.
6. ALL teams should be at their designated playing site / pitch at least 5 minutes prior to scheduled match time, and be prepared to kick-off at the scheduled match time.
7. If a player should be sent off (red card / ejected), that player will NOT be allowed to participate in any remaining matches that his or her designated team has scheduled.

ALL VHSL rules and sanctions shall apply to the matches played in the Bengal Bash Soccer Jamboree.