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December 20, 2010
FC New York are holding 'invite only' professional tryouts at Hofstra University, Long Island, NY (Nov 20-21) The Smith River Sports Complex in Virginia (Jan 8-9) and a third date (Jan 15-16) back at Hofstra University. An evaluation of some of the country's best players will also be on the agenda of Technical Director Matt Weston as he plans to attend the Annual USL Combine in late January before finalizing his roster.

After speaking with numerous players and coaches from both the United States and Europe, Weston has compiled a list of players he would like to target alongside the players who have already been 'screened' and asked to attend.

"I am looking for a mixture of players, from the outstanding college graduate to the seasoned pro. It's important to find a player with the desire to make it at the pro level as well as the confidence and ability to ensure they stay there. Having a good blend of youth and experience is also key as the youngsters can grow and blossom under the tutelage of not only the coaching staff, but also the seasoned professionals who know what it takes to play at this level."