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February 24, 2011
The Smith River Sports Complex announces the development of a sixth field. Development on field #6 started on February 15 and should be ready for play by September 1, 2011. The field will be used for the Piedmont Youth Soccer League (PYSL) training and to help increase the amount of play available when both the Complex and PYSL bring in tournaments.

The SRSC estimates the total cost for development of field #6 at $10,000. The PYSL board voted unanimously to support the development with a $4,000 donation.

"PYSL is pleased to support the development of Smith River Sports Complex by making a donation towards the improvements to field #6. Since the league started playing on the impressively maintained pitches and facility, the number of players in the league has increased significantly. The playing experience and enjoyment of our players using such a first class facility is a partnership we wish to grow and continue" said Andy Quirk, Vice President of PYSL.

"Field #6 will allow the Complex, PYSL and other tenants to expand programs. It will allow us to bring additional teams, as well as, revenue. The more teams we can host the more local economic impact we'll have with more players in local hotels, restaurants, etc." said Billy Russo, Director of Operations.